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“It simply isn’t acceptable to throw learners over the classroom and/or e-learning wall into the workflow and then hope that what we did during the online or class event will magically transfer to successful job performance. It doesn’t. We know full-well that learning doesn’t stick unless you put in place provisions that support performance in the workflow.”

BOB MOSHER, Chief Learning Evangelist, APPLY Synergies

The 5 Moments of Need®

The 5 Moments of Need® is a framework for gaining and sustaining effective on-the-job performance of employees and work teams. It has a set of systematic and rapid practices for designing, building, implementing, optimizing, and evaluating complete learning ecosystems.



When you need to apply or remember something  you previously learned



When something goes wrong, and you need to solve a problem 



When something changes, and you need to unlearn and relearn



New knowledge/skills, when you learn something for the first time



When you want to broaden or specialize and need to learn more

What does the approach do?

5 Moments of Need® solution enables learning in the workflow while people perform their jobs. It reduces and optimizes traditional formal learning time where employees have to pause their work to learn. The approach

cultivates self-reliant, highly engaged learners who have 2-click or 10-second access to just what’s needed, when it’s needed, to solve problems, and to adapt ahead of change.

Bob & Con's Story

Some 16 years ago Bob and Con came together inspired by a common quest, to design a better way to train and support employees whilst doing their jobs.  They knew studies showed that 80% of real learning takes place on the job. They also realised that traditional training courses were often not preparing employees to perform their jobs because at the key moments they needed support in their flow of work, the training had been forgotten and support was not easily accessible.  So they put their great minds together - Bob a former Director of Learning Strategy at Microsoft and Con a PhD in Instructional Psychology & Technology - and drawing on their 30 years’ experience of delivering learning strategies to companies across the globe, they devised a method and framework to support people at their moments of need, while they are working. The 5 Moments of Need Methodology was born.   


Let's Get Started

Do you want to transform learning in your organization to meet all The 5 Moments of Need®, and in so doing, deliver tangible results and improvements for your business?

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