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Expand your network, learn from best practices

As a 5 Moments of Need Designer, you are armed with the innovative tools and design practices to make learning in the flow of work a reality for your organisation. But it doesn't stop there. Connect with other like-minded practitioners, take your ideas further, learn from others' experiences and shared best practices.

Alumni Program


Are you already a certified 5 Moments of Need Designer?Join this private cohort of like-minded professionals to share your projects, challenges, and inspire one another to push the envelope further.

Join the Community!

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Be a part of this 3500+ member-strong, global community of practice where professionals implementing performance support share information, experiences, challenges, and successes.

The Community advances evidence-based practices and influences technology evolution through conversation, collaboration, education, information sharing, and research.

All content and contributions come from the Community for the Community.

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