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Expand your network, learn from best practices

As a 5 Moments of Need Designer, you are armed with the innovative tools and design practices to make learning in the flow of work a reality for your organisation. But it doesn't stop there. Connect with other like-minded practitioners, take your ideas further, learn from others' experiences and shared best practices.

Alumni Program


Are you already a certified 5 Moments of Need Designer?Join this private cohort of like-minded professionals to share your projects, challenges, and inspire one another to push the envelope further.

Join the Community!


The WLPA mission is to advance workflow learning and performance in organisations around the world. 


It provides a member-driven, global community of practice where professionals implementing workflow learning and performance improvement solutions can ideate through shared information, experiences, lessons learned, and success stories.

Whether you have questions to ask, stories to share, or challenges to address, bring your voice to this community.

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