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There has never been a more challenging time for organizational learning. With most employees now working and learning remotely, L&D teams are tasked with creating impactful learning programs that result in peak workforce performance.

Are your learning programs demonstrating measurable impact on the business? Do they bring tangible improvements?


Do they increase speed to competency?

Do they reduce time spent away from work learning?

Do they reduce support costs?

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The 5 Moments of Need® is a design & performance support methodology proven to enable your workforce to do more for less. It is grounded in the science of limited human memory and the reality that the most effective learning takes place while working on a task at hand, where we encounter these moments of need.

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The 5 Moments of Need® Designer Certificate

The 5 Moments of Need Designer Certificate is a four-month virtual assignment-based program where participants learn how to apply the methodology working on a business project of their own.

Over five GEAR cycles, participants learn the principles and concepts and build a digital proof of concept for a Performance Support solution enabling learning in the workflow with the 5 moments of need.

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Organizations using the 5 Moments of Need

The Value of the Approach

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